8 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent


8 Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent

Finding your signature scent might take some time, but it’s super rewarding and can become a really rewarding and fun process- especially if you enjoy perusing the shelves of different perfume stores! While it might sound like a daunting task when you think about all of the different kinds of scents, notes, ingredients and fragrance brands out there, but with a little help from us (and some sales consultants), you’ll find a signature scent (or 2) in no time!

Play around with a few different scents

The only way you will find the scent that makes you happy and works for you is to play around with as many scents as you can. Don't be afraid to go to your favourite perfume brands while shopping and ask them for some samples. When doing this, it also helps to tell the consultant what kinds of scents you like. It might seem insignificant, but even telling them that you prefer citrus over floral will help them give you the scents that will most resonate with you.

Once you find the samples that might work for you, wear each fragrance for a day to see how it reacts with your body. If you get an immediate headache, rash or start sneezing once applying a fragrance, then chances are that the scent and perhaps even the undertones and the rest of the ingredients won’t agree with you.

Go with your gut

On the note of sniffing around and finding what you like, we also recommend to simply just go with your gut when you smell perfume for the first time. If you don't like it after the first sniff, then chances are that it won’t grow on you. It is also really important to not be influenced by other people. Going fragrance shopping with a friend might make you feel like you need to focus on the most popular brands, and you might be inclined to try the scents that your shopping buddy likes. While there is no harm in this, it can cause make it quite easy for you to miss a special fragrance that you would have tried had you been alone. Before embarking on a perfume smelling spree, check online to see if there are any boutique and privately owner perfumeries in your area and put out some time to pay them a visit - you might find a scent that is both completely new and works beautifully for you!

Once you have picked the one you like or even narrowed it down to 3, it’s time to test it around the people closest to you. See how they react to it and if they pay you any compliments, if they do, then you know it’s a winner!

Learn as much as you can

If you do find yourself gravitating towards certain fragrances or notes, then it might be interesting to see if they have common ingredients, If, for example, you find that you tend to be attracted to fragrances with notes of rose in them, then you could potentially expand your horizon a little and even make a scent that is unique to you (i.e. Rose with some musk or even a different kind of rose!). Luckily, signature perfume stores seem to be on the rise where you can sniff various scents to your heart’s content and even mix and match a few notes to create something special that only you will have.

Make sure that your scent matches your lifestyle

It might seem like a strange thing to consider, but it is super important to think about whether your perfume will match your lifestyle. If you constantly work outdoors or in the sun, then it might be wise to get a perfume that is not overpowering yet one that will last for the entire day. However, at the end of the day, you should definitely go with a scent that makes your heart (and nose) sing.

Another key factor when choosing a perfume is to find out from the perfumers if the scent will work alongside or against your other daily body products. If you already wear a scented body lotion and use a scented shampoo and conditioner, then choosing a perfume that works well alongside will not only make your scent last but will ensure that you are enveloped in a perfectly suited scent all day.

Our top pick

After your hair care regime, apply a light mist of the Halo Heritage Luxurious Hair Perfume. This product is a luxuriously formulated and light nourishing mist infused with Argan oil that delicately and beautifully scents your hair with Boity’s signature Pink Sapphire fragrance. Delicate sugar and jasmine notes play against notes of wild marigold, French lavender, and tangerine for added freshness and clarity. This is an especially important product to incorporate into your hair care routine since type 4 hair only requires a wash once a week. Because it is a light spray, it doesn't cause any product build-up or grease.

Apply your perfume correctly

Now that you have your signature scent, make sure that you are applying it correctly. It seems to be human nature to spritz perfume on one's wrist before rubbing it in with the other wrist. While we have been taught that this will bring the scent out more, it actually does the opposite! This act is aggressive to your perfume and in some way, ruins the molecules and the scent of the fragrance. If you really want to test it on your wrist in the best way possible, then spray your scent on your skin and allow it to settle. If you want your scent to last then be sure to apply the perfume to your pulse points like behind your ears, behind your knees, on the neck, ankles and of course, your wrists.

Another helpful tip when spraying perfume is to actually spray it and not spritz it. Spritzing it in the air just wastes products since the scent will easily evaporate after a short amount of time. A direct spritz onto bare skin and on your clothes is all you need to keep the scent of the perfume on you for longer. 

Pro tip: Spray your perfume in your closet to keep your clothes smelling great as well!

Look after your hair = makes your scent last

You might not think that sleeping would have an effect on your hair, but it truly does. Sleeping on a pillow made from Polycotton or polyester can wreak havoc on your hair and in turn, take away the beautiful smell that you worked so hard to get. Because you are sleeping on a harsh fabric and not a silk pillowcase, chances are that your scalp will get sweaty during the night, which means that your hair will smell greasy and you might need to go through the process of rewashing your hair. 

If you can’t get your hands on a silk pillowcase, then we suggest investing in a hair bonnet. The Halo Heritage Regal Glam Bonnet helps to not only preserve your hairstyle and leave you waking up looking like royalty but locks in the gorgeous scent. This comfortable bonnet allows you to sleep peacefully without worrying about damaging or breaking your hair and works perfectly with natural hair, cornrows and weaves and protects against dryness, frizz and breakage while significantly minimizing static.


There you have it, the only tips you need to help you find your signature scent!