A Hair Story Part 3. My personal journey to loving the hair I’m in.

A Hair Story Part 3. My personal journey to loving the hair I’m in.

Written by: Stephanie Mashigo

Part 3:

It wasn't until Lockdown 2020 that things took a real turn or curl if you will... (ya I’m cheesy like that ok!)

Lockdown gave me opportunities to explore with my own hair. I got a little wild and went blonde. And if you've ever relaxed your hair you know that bleach island is a place you do not visit. I went there and I went boldly friends!


Weeeeellll ….I was left with awfully damaged and brittle hair and when I tried to 'remedy' my mistakes with a black dye (don't judge me) it just made it black and brittle- I don’t know what I was hoping for- but tell me I’m not alone in this please.

Then I found out I was pregnant with little Selah and well it was time to take a much needed break from all the chemicals. We were in lockdown so it made it easy to just put my hair in a bun every day. And when I was too pregnant to care well…you know…

But in September of that year, I figured I'd give the transitioning thing a try. I’d seen a lot of curly girl videos on Instagram and I started following so many blogs and watching 100s of routines. Eventually I bought a few products of my own and thought I’d start with flexi rods. I was not ready for the big chop friends.

But listen here- all those curl-fluencers made this flexi rods thing look hella easy. Let me tell you very loud and clear- It is not ok. And it was probably the worst to try as my first natural hair-do but whatever I did it. And I was proud anyway. And my darling husband always looked on in utter admiration. It was hard to be self-critical with him around. I guess he made it easier too. Always staring at me with those puppy dog eyes. I love you boo… you are a great part of the journey to learning to love the hair I’m in and teaching our daughters to love theirs.

I kept experimenting during lockdown- trying to care for this natural hair you know. My Gabs always watching closely. It was frustrating trying to transition but I started to see the progress in little ways. The undamaged hair began to flourish under this new curly girl routine I was trying.

So then I finally took the plunge, I did it. The big chop- well kind of. In February 2021 I decided to cut out heat for good and also cut my dead hair loose. I was too scared to go to a hairdresser for a cut. I’ve always left feeling disappointed, crying and poor- we will get to my hair dresser stories another day, but guys this is a sore spot for me and I still have not found my hair bestie.

Anyway where was I? Oh ya… I was going to try cutting my hair myself. I snipped off all the dead hair and was left with a choppy uneven mop. It didn't matter. I was determined it would work out somehow. All these curly girls online kept saying "trust the process." Lol this could be our tagline!

And eventually after 14 months curly and 4 months after my big chop and of course allllooooooot of trusting that process I finally really did, for the very first time ever fall in love my very own hair!

Whilst writing this story, Gabbi came to ask me to teach her how to do her hair by herself. It was the greatest thing to teach her how but it was even better watching her look at herself in the mirror and know she is beautiful and her curly crown is beautiful! Thus began Raising Curly Girls- a personal blog dedicated to sharing our coily adventures with all our friends. We hope to help, inspire, educate and of course make new friends. But most of all we hope to inspire a generation of confident, coily kids!