African Braided Crowns


African Braided Crowns

It’s no secret that African hairstyles and trends have made a huge impact on the world of fashion and beauty, and no surprises why. The African hairstyles worn throughout the ages have been nothing short of extraordinary, with many high-end brands trying to recreate these looks in their fashion shows, music videos and costumes and beauty editorials.

While they are done all over the world now, the African hairstyle originated in, and no surprise here either, right here in Africa. These hairstyles date back to 3500BC as hairstyles such as cornrows were found in a rock painting in the Sahara, showing that these hairstyles were popular even then.

Below are a few of the most popular African hairstyles which you may already be familiar with:


The most iconic African hairstyle of all time is by far the cornrow. Beyond the fact that it is the first African hair braid that was referenced in history (remember the cave painting?), cornrows are popular since they have stood the test of time and work for everyone. This intricate look can signify many different things, most commonly wealth, and status religion and even age however, in modern times, it has become more of a fashionable style with people from different cultures donning this look. Cornrows are super easy to style and can be made even more fashionable with the addition of flowers, corals, shells and even clips.

The Fulani braids

Being one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahel and West Africa, the Fula women are known for their beautiful Fulani braids - it’s not surprising then that the Fula people consider themselves to be the most beautiful people on earth.  The Fula’s beautifully majestic, braided hairstyle is something that gets passed down from one generation to another and features a large crescent running on top of the head. This Mohawk like-look is made by braiding the hair towards a piece of leather. After, the crown is donned and decorated with shells, beads and coins.

Braided Crown - Congo

Worn by the beautiful women of Congo, the braided crown is known as the Edamburu and has even been worn by Beyoncé. This look is made up of thin braids that have been woven into the hairstyle and used to accentuate the skull by elongating it. This is a common practice of the Mangbeu people and is not only impressive but scream royalty!

Let your crown shine bright by looking after your hair

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Keep your hair nourished and soft

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Take it up a notch

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Hot tip - spend some time looking after your scalp

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Repair and protect

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There you go, the best African hairstyles for you to do and ways to ensure that your hair is soft and healthy during styling!