15 Fragrance Hacks for a Longer Lasting Scent

Smelling great all day is the goal we all aspire to but, in many cases, perfumes and colognes wear off by lunchtime. If that’s something you’re struggling with, it’s likely that you’re not using the fragrance the right way. To help get the most out of your fragrance, here are some top tips for applying it correctly to help the scent last longer, as well as some tips for storing your perfume correctly (and no, keeping it in the bathroom or on a shelf is not the right way). 

What is Fine Fragrance?

A fine fragrance is a general term for perfumes and colognes; typically, products diluted with alcohol. When applied, a fragrance can boost a mood, show off your personal style or even evoke certain memories. These fragrances make use of ingredients that help the scent last longer and retain the shelf life of the product. 

Where to Spray Perfume

There are some ways to use perfume to get the best results. This includes spritzing on the right places on your body. For fragrances to last throughout the day, where you spray makes all the difference in the world. There are ‘pulse points’ on the body that are regarded as being among the best places to spray perfume.

Pulse points emanate heat, helping the fragrance release into the air. These points are among the warmest spots on your body. These pulse points include behind the ear, at the base of the throat, behind the knees, on the wrists and inside the inner elbow.

Places to Avoid Spraying Perfume

In addition to places you should ideally be spraying, there are certain areas of your body to avoid. Spraying perfume here can actually be harmful.

Around your eyes – This can cause anything from mild irritation to burning, red eyes to serious damage due to the alcohol content. Avoid this area altogether when spritzing perfume.

Your armpits – Exposing sweat glands to the alcohol from the perfume can result in skin irritation, including itching and burning.

Private Areas – Avoid these areas completely as, again, due to the sensitive nature of the skin, this can cause burning, itching and other irritations that can easily be avoided.


How to Make Your Fine Fragrance Last Longer

Here are 15 hacks to make your fragrance last longer.

1.     Apply after a shower or bath

Starting off with the proper application will help the fragrance last all day. Apply your perfume directly to your skin immediately after you’ve taken a shower or bath (and dried off of course.)

2.     Moisturise with unscented lotion

Apply an unscented lotion to your skin before applying the perfume. This additional oil will help to lock the scent in for longer, helping you enjoy the fine fragrance throughout the day.

3.     Use on bare skin

While spraying fragrance on your clothes is perfectly acceptable, make sure you also always spray your actual skin. Perfume not only smells better but lasts longer when combined with the natural oils of your body.

4.     Apply on pulse points

As mentioned before, these pulse points are the warmest parts of your body and fragrance reacts to heat as it helps release the scent for longer. Inner elbows, the nape of your neck, each individual wrist and behind your knees are all popular pulse points.

5.     Use some Vaseline

For some extra moisture to your skin and to maintain the longevity of your scent, run some Vaseline on the area you intend to apply perfume. The product’s oil will help lock in the scent for longer.

6.     Don’t rub in the fragrance

Many people spritz one wrist and rub their two wrists together. This actually causes the chemicals and top notes to break down faster. Instead, spray each wrist individually. If you can’t spray, dab the fragrance gently on the skin.

7.     Spray onto your hairbrush

For some extra fragrance in your hair, consider gently spritzing the perfume on your hairbrush and running it through your dry hair. That said, you shouldn’t spitz directly on the hair as the alcohol in the product can cause long-term hair damage.

8.     Use cotton balls to top up the scent throughout the day

This is a good hack for those of you wanting to take extra steps to help the fragrance last all day without having to carry the perfume with you. Spray some cotton balls or even earbuds and put them in a plastic bag. When you’re in need of a scent boost, simply open the bag and dab onto the skin.

9.     Use matching scents

Another way to get the most out of your scent is to use matching moisturisers, body washes or hair products. Many brands offer complementary products to your fragrance and even sell them as a pack. Find out if your chosen fragrance has additional products and let them work together for a glorious all-day scent.

10.  Add leftover perfume to unscented lotion to prevent waste

If your perfume bottle no longer sprays, pour the leftover perfume into a bottle of unscented lotion to create a lovely, perfume-scented lotion you can use every day.

11.  Line your drawers with your perfume

Instead of applying perfume directly on your clothes, line your drawers with tissue paper and spritz with perfume to add a subtle scent to your wardrobe. This is especially helpful for those of you who want your signature scent on all of your clothing.

12.  Store in a cool, dark place

Many people store perfume in their bathroom cupboard or display shelf, but perfume should actually be stored in a cool, dark place. The fragrance can break down through changing temperatures and humidity, so keep your perfume in a drawer or cupboard away from any direct sunlight.

  Keep perfume in its original bottle

This is actually quite an outdated concept but, in some cases, people will try to store their perfume in separate, fancier bottles. These days, most brands make every effort to ensure the perfume bottle is as delightful as the scent itself. That said, changing bottles will cause air to saturate your fragrance, which can break down the scent and ultimately cause the perfume to expire quicker.

14.  Don’t shake it up

Don’t shake your perfume bottle as this lets air infuse with the fragrance, shortening its lifespan.

15.   Buy the right perfume

Understand the different types of fine fragrances and buy the one that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for all-day and all-night scents, then stick to parfums or eau de parfums. For a light day scent that is more affordable but may require one additional application, try eau de toilette. If you’re just looking for a scent to spritz at the beginning of the day and aren’t too concerned about longevity, then products like eau de cologne, sprays and mists may be better and more affordable options.

Different Types of Fragrances (Read: Discover the Power of Perfume)

Fragrances are broken down into different categories determined by their fragrance concentration. These include parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and eau fraiche. Parfum has the highest fragrance concentration, which means the scent lasts the longest. It is also typically more expensive than the rest.

Parfum – Parfum will contain a fragrance concentration of around 15 and 40 percent, with the standard being 20 – 30 percent for most products on the market. This fragrance lasts the longest at six to eight hours, is the most expensive and is great for sensitive skin.

Eau de Parfum – Shortened to EDP, this is the perfume with the second-highest fragrance concentration at 15 – 20 percent. This perfume typically lasts between four to five fours and is the most common everyday fragrance.

Eau de Toilette – This perfume has a concentration of five to 15 percent and is another popular option. EDT has a fragrance that lasts around two to three hours and is good for daywear.

Eau de Cologne – EDC has a much lower fragrance concentration than the other types mentioned at two to four percent. It also has a high concentration of alcohol and is cheaper than other types of fragrances. Its scent lasts up to two hours.

Eau Fraiche – Similar to EDC, this scent lasts up to two hours and has a fragrance concentration of between one and three percent but unlike EDC, it does not contain a high level of alcohol and has a high level of water instead.

Which Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest?

The strength of the fine fragrance determines how long it lasts on the skin. The higher the fragrance content, the longer it will last and the more expensive it will be. That said, you can also look for perfumes that have a longer shelf life. In fact, perfumes with strong base notes have a longer shelf life than those that do not. Base notes are the scents that linger on your body for the longest time and are typically woody, musky or spicy flavours. Fragrances containing scents like amber or patchouli are said to have a longer shelf life.

On the other hand, fragrances with lighter base notes like citrus and floral tend to expire quickly. Check the ingredients of perfume online if you’re concerned about the concentration or longevity of a particular fragrance. Top fragrance brands like Halo Heritage will use only the best ingredients for beautifully scented and long-lasting perfumes.

Smelling great all day is important for several reasons. Not only does it give you confidence and shows off your unique and personal style, but it leaves a lasting impression and makes you just feel good. Products like the uber-luxurious Boity Pink Sapphire and its matching Elite Hair perfume have the power to showcase your style and boost your mood in one go, while its notes of Jasmine, French Lavender, Cedarwood and Amber provide a subtle elegance that will linger long after you’ve left.

Where to Apply Perfume