Here are our tips for how to smell good all-day

With summer on its way, we understand that everyone wants to look and smell their best every day. If you find that your fragrance has faded away by lunchtime or you go through perfumes far too quickly, these top tips will help to make the scent last all day. One of the most important things to know is when, where and how to apply fragrance, and how to store it so it retains its luxurious quality.


Spritz your perfume in your closet

A quick way to keep your clothes smelling great and ready to go is to spritz the clothing in your closet with some of your perfume. Just 2-3 spritz’s will do as you don't want the smell to be overpowering. We recommend doing this every 1-2 weeks to keep your clothes (and your room) smelling amazing.

You can also get tissue paper and lightly spray it before lining your draws. This will leave a long and lingering scent on your clothes.


Add perfume to your hair

One of the fastest ways to ensure that you always smell great is to use a high quality hair perfume. Because your hair moves around over the day, using a hair perfume means that the scent will be dispersed around you throughout the day. We love the Boity Halo Heritage Luxurious Hair Perfume. This hair perfume is a beautifully light, nourishing mist infused with Argan oil that delicately scents your hair with the Pink Sapphire fragrance from Boity. Delicate sugar and jasmine notes play against notes of wild marigold, French lavender, and tangerine for added freshness and clarity. The Boity Pink Sapphire fragrance is a poetic balance of floral and mineral notes and leaves hair feeling soft and smelling luxurious all day without weighing it down.


Keep your fragrance on hand

Steal a secret from the stars and keep a miniature version of your favourite fragrance on hand. This is a really handy way to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great any time of the day. If your favorite perfume doesn't come in a miniature size, then get a small perfume bottle and decant your perfume into the container. When purchasing your fragrance, it’s also a good tip to ask for sample sizes of the scent you just bought since consults might be more than happy to dole out the samples after you make a purchase.


Layer your fragrance

Laying fragrance is a popular trick used to make one's fragrance last all day. This is not merely using the same body lotion as your perfume but can be started as early as your shower. Using a soap or body lotion that has a similar scent to your perfume is a great way to let the scent linger in your skin. With high end fragrances there are usually a whole range of items that can be used to layer your fragrance such as body lotion, body wash and even a hand cream. If you do want your fragrance to last the entire day and even into the evening), then this is a great method to ensure that it does.

However, if you feel like you overdid it with your perfume or you don't really like the scent anymore, then, working quickly, use a makeup remover wipe or an alcohol wipe to pick up the fragrance.

Layering fragrance does not only apply to the same scent - you can also layer different scents together to make a scent that is unique to you. Before actually doing this on your skin or clothes, try it out on a piece of paper first and allow it settle for a bit before deciding on whether or not you like the final scent.

The best way to layer fragrances it to start with the heaviest scent first and then the lighter one. It is important to remember that when layering, you need to make sure that the notes of your fragrances are similar. You can also layer different kinds of perfumes such as solids, oils, sprays and mists.


Apply your perfume correctly

It seems to be human nature to spritz perfume on one's wrist before rubbing it in with the other wrist. While this might seem to bring the scent out more, it actually ruins the scent. This act is aggressive to your perfume and in some way, ruins the molecules and the scent of the fragrance. Your best bet is to spray it and let it settle on your skin. If you want your scent to last then be sure to apply the perfume to your pulse points like behind your ears, behind your knees, neck, ankles and your wrists.

Another helpful tip when spraying perfume is to actually spray it and not spritz it. Spritzing it in the air just wastes products since the scent will easily evaporate after a short amount of time. A direct spritz on to bare skin and on your clothes is all you need to keep the scent of the perfume on you for longer.

When spraying your perfume, it is also a great tip to keep the bottle about 10cm away from your skin. This will prevent large drops of perfume landing on your skin and clothes.

Apply perfume to moisturized skin

Applying perfume just after your shower or just after you apply your moisturizer means that your perfume will meld into your skin and last all day. If you do apply it after your shower then try not to get dressed immediately after as this might cause the accent to rub off. Another way to let your fragrance last all day is to apply petroleum jelly to your pulse points or the areas where you plan on spraying your perfume.

Make your perfume go farther

Once you reach the end of your perfume and can't seem to spray out the last little bit, then instead of throwing it away, take the nozzle out and break it into a tub of unscented cream to make your own scented perfume.

Look after your perfume

The best way to ensure that you always smell good is to look after your perfume - no one wants to smell like rancid perfume! While perfume looks pretty on your dressing table, the best place to store them is in a cool and dark place in an upright position. If you can, then store the perfume in its original box to help keep moisture and light out. Its also important to not shake the bottle as this will allow air to infuse the fragrance and shorten its lifespan.

Don't overdo it

Perfume is used to not only attract those around you, but leave you feeling confident and, naturally, smelling great. However, sometimes one can overdo the spraying and end up smelling like your clothes were marinated in the perfume. Keep your perfume application to 1-2 sprays at a time.

It is also important to know what kind of perfume you have and the perfume concentration of your scent. If you have an Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette then 3-4 sprays will be just enough. However if you have something a little more intense like an Eau de parfum, then 1-2 sprays will do the trick.

If you wear the same scent everyday then you might also find that you get a little bit sick of it after some time. Try to change your scent up seasonally as this way, your olfactory system with develop and you will have a few different options to choose on everyday based on your mood.

There you have it, the best tips on how to make your perfume las long