You should be using Black Seed Oil on your type 4 hair


You should be using Black Seed Oil on your type 4 hair

Also referred to as black cumin or nigella sativa seeds, the oils pressed from these seeds are believed to naturally restore hair growth in hair - specifically in type 4 hair.

Unlike other hair types, type 4 hair is a lot drier and prone to breakage and damage since it is made up of a mix of kinks and coils that do not allow the full hair strand to absorb moisture. An easy way to think of this is by comparing straight hair to kinky hair. Imagine adding some moisture or oil to the top of straight hair - because the hair has no curls or waves, the oil can easily move down the entire hair strand without any obstacles. Now, compare that to kinky or coily hair - the oil will most likely struggle to move past each curl and coil, only nourishing parts of the hair.

Now that you understand one of the reasons why your kinky and coily hair are a lot drier than other hair types, it is important to make sure that you are nourishing and conditioning your hair correctly and with the correct products.

When used as part of your regular hair care regime, black seed oil can completely change the way that your hair looks, feels and acts. It is perhaps the easiest, most effective way to make your hair strong, healthy and shiny thanks to its high concentration of thymoquinone - a powerful antihistamine. While antihistamines are often prescribed to alopecia patients to help regrow their hair, black seed oil is actually an essential oil that has a myriad of incredible, therapeutic benefits.

While black seed oil is not the same consistency as olive or coconut oil, in its pure, cold-pressed form, it needs to be diluted with coconut or olive oil before being used on the hair. When mixed with a bit of carrier oil, black seed oil has the power to reduce inflammation on the scalp, stimulate hair growth and reduce flakiness and sensitivity. However, just because you don't have any scalp conditions doesn't mean that you can't use it on your hair as this magical oil will leave your hair healthy, soft and hydrated.

While this might sound too good to be true, the incredible benefits of black seed oil doesn't stop there. Studies have shown that the black seed itself has antimicrobial, antioxidant, sun-protection, anti-aging and hair growth promoting properties. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, ascorbic acid, iron and calcium, among others, making it must-have hair remedy - specifically for type 4 hair!

Here's why you should be using it on your coily and kinky hair

Promotes natural hair growth

Combined with coconut oil, black seed oil is excellent at promoting healthy hair growth which is useful for those with type 4 hair. Massage it into the scalp to increase blood flow and strengthen your hair. When using products rich in black seed oil (or even when using the oil on its own), ensure that you apply it to all of your hair, focusing on the tops and ends of the hair to help seal the cuticles and prevent split-ends.

Keeps the hair nourished and soft

Since black seed oil is rich in essential fatty amino acids, the oil is extremely useful at sealing moisture on the individual hair strands. To get the full benefits of this, heat the oil and its carrier oil (like coconut or olive oil) gently and massage it into the hair to ensure optimum absorption.

Keep the scalp healthy

As we mentioned earlier, when applied to the scalp, black seed oil can help maintain scalp health and keep it moisturized and dandruff free. Since it contains antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, black seed oil will help to remove dandruff, bacteria, and fungus from the scalp. It works by cleansing the scalp of grease, product build-up and even sweat.

So, when should you use black seed oil?

There are so many opportunities to use black seed oil on your hair, particularly with type 4 hair since you do not have to wash your hair as often as other hair types and since your hair needs the additional moisture. We recommend using it as often as possible including:

Before a wash

Use black seed oil to pre-shampoo your hair before a wash. When you are about to wash your hair, apply a generous layer of the oil along with a carrier oil to your entire head and let it sit for about an hour. If you are going to be hopping into the shower, then let the steam from the shower penetrate your hair during this time. This will not only open up your hair cuticle but allow the oil to penetrate into the hair strands. It is important not to get your hair wet at this stage since it might make it hard to wash out. Instead, lather shampoo in your hands and use the first shampoo to get as much of the oil out as possible before washing and re-shampoing.

After a wash

Even if you don't have enough time to do a full-on hair care regime after you wash, try to apply some black seed oil along with a carrier oil to your hair after drying. This will not only help give your hair some protection, but will ensure that your hair stays smooth, soft and manageable for at least a few days.

After a wash with the LOC method

By now you may have heard of the LOC method. Essentially, the LOC method stands for “Liquid, Oil and Cream” (LOC) and is a technique made to help moisturise and care for type 4 hair. This method details the order in which hair care products should be applied after a wash for bouncy, defined, and healthy natural hair.

The “Liquid” part of the LOC method entails using water and a good quality conditioning hair spray that uses water as its base. The next step is “Oil” which is where your black seed oil rich product will come into play. This is an important step to do since the right oil will create an important and nourishing layer around the hair shaft, preventing much-needed moisture from escaping from your strands and in turn, leaving your hair feeling softer and smoother and nourished for longer. 

Finally, apply a “Cream” based product to the hair which would typically be heavier than the liquid and oil step. This step ensures that your hair retains as much moisture as possible, keeping it frizz-free and smooth.

Between washes

Even if you are using the LOC method and applying extra hydrating treatments to your hair, chances are that your coily and kinky hair will still get dry and frizzy between washes - especially in summer and winter. When this does happen, apply a few drops of pure black seed oil to your hands and press it gently into your strands. Ideally, use a product rich in the oil either by pressing into your hair or gently spritzing it on your hair. This not only helps keep your hair smelling fresh, but looking hydrated and feeling soft.

After styling

After using heat styling tools on your hair, take a black seed hair oil and gently apply it to your hair. Since type 4 hair is already dry and fragile, heat styling can only make it worse which is why it is important to add moisture back into your hair after styling.

Easy DIY hair treatments with black seed oil

Ran out of products? Not to worry, here are a few of our favorite DIY hair treatments made with black seed oil.

Black seed oil and honey

Add a tbsp each of black seed oil and honey with ½ cup coconut oil and apply to your hair. Hair is left soft, smooth and luxuriously shiny!

Black seed oil and castor oil

Use an even mixture of black seed oil and castor oil to combat dry hair and a dry scalp. Castor oil is packed with healing properties that promote hair growth and is a rich source of vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. This makes a powerful anti-dryness hair oil when combined with black seed oil. Leave the oil mixture on your hair and scalp for at least an hour before you wash it off.

Black seed oil and lemon

Give your scalp a boost by mixing 2 tbsp of black seed oil with the juice from one lemon. The high acidic content from the lemon helps to balance the ph levels and when combined with black seed oil, this treatment helps to prevent hair loss. Leave the treatment on for only 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Black seed oil and olive oil

Leave your hair smooth, soft and protected with a mixture of black seed oil and olive oil. Combined, they tackle dandruff and help to cleanse the scalp of impurities. Mix an equal amount of the two oils together and massage it into your hair and scalp. Leave the treatment on for at least an hour before you wash it off with shampoo.

And there you have, the most important reasons as to why you should be using black seed oil on your type 4 hair!