How to care for your hair after 40


How to care for your hair after 40

Did you just hit 40 and now are starting to see changes in your hair? Or are you over 40 and seem to find that your hair is no longer as lustrous and shiny as it was before? Turns out that after you turn 40, your hair texture changes and might feel thicker, fragile or even more frizzy.

However, just because you’re getting older and the effects are showing in your hair doesn't mean that you need to stop caring for it. No matter your age, it’s important to spend some time treating your hair to ensure that its always in tip-top shape.

Embrace the change

While it might seem like a sudden change and you might feel compelled to grab some hair dye or over style it, we suggest embracing the change as much as possible. Fighting what your hair is naturally doing will not only cause damage and stress to the hair but can affect the scalp as well, causing hair loss, fragility and even frizz. There is no reason why you can’t jazz up your look with some hair accessories, scarves and hair ties to help you feel more comfortable with your hair.

Increase nourishment

Since ageing hair can lose more moisture and tends to get dry and frizzy, it’s important to increase how often you nourish your hair. A great place to start with this is to think about your hair care routine and think about where you could increase the moisture. If your routine is pretty basic and you just use shampoo and conditioner, then it would only benefit you to add a few more products to help.

After you have washed and conditioned your hair, lock in that moisture and nourishment with a leave-in conditioner, being specific to cover the ends of your hair with the product.  While the hair is still slightly damp, take a wide-tooth comb and section the hair into 5-7 pieces.

Once your hair has been sectioned, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner, ensuring that the ends of your hair are adequately covered in the product since this is where the majority of split ends are. Be sure to gently massage the product in your hair applying the least amount of leave-in conditioner to the top of your head as this will limit product build-up and grease.

We love the Boity Supreme Leave-in Conditioner for this step since it has been formulated for dry and dull hair which is often the case with hair over 40.  It is a luxuriously lightweight product that contains Black Seed Oil which leaves dry and brittle hair sleek and glossy. Infused with carrier oils that pull nutrients into the hair shaft, the Supreme Conditioner helps to improve the look and feel of dry, fragile hair. Even though a leave-in-conditioner does add some much-needed moisture to your hair, it’s not nearly enough when you are over 40 and needs some more TLC which you can find more about below.

Decrease how often you wash your hair and use less shampoo

While increasing the amount of moisture in your hair seems like you need to wash your hair more often, this is certainly not the case. Over washing the hair causes dryness and fragility due to the strain and overuse of product and even styling that is put on the hair.  Decrease your washes and only wash your hair when you feel like you need to. If you used to wash your hair every day, then try to push it out to 2 or 3 days. For ethnic, natural hair, wash the hair once a week unless you really need to.

Another important step here is to remember to wash your hair with the correct shampoo - or rather, a shampoo that is specifically formulated to thicken hair and keep it glossy, we love the Boity Royal Cleanse Shampoo which works to strengthen and cleanse the hair with the luxurious, sulfate-free formula. Infused with the exotic, antioxidant-rich Black Seed Oil to promote fuller, thicker, and more radiant hair, Royal Cleanse gently cleanses, and hydrates dry and brittle hair of impurities while leaving it feeling strong, healthy, and revived. After washing, gently section your with a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots and tangles.

Have fun with hair oils

While you might have spent your 20’s and 30’s shying away from using oils in your hair,

ensure that you take a little bit of serum work it through your hair. We love and recommend the Boity Sovereign Repair Serum as it is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6. Like the rest of the products in the Halo Heritage range, it contains a decadent amount of Black Seed Oil which nourishes fragile hair and enhances its overall strength and lustre. Combined with active ingredients like Vitamin B3 and bioactive Follicusan™, the Sovereign Repair Serum will repair a tired scalp, promote and stimulate regrowth of hair, reduce excessive oil production, reduce scalp inflammation, allowing delicate hair damaged by styling to grow back healthier and stronger than before - which is exactly what you need when you have ageing hair.

Get regular trims

Going for regular trims is a great way to keep your hair in tip-top shape. While it might seem counterintuitive, trimming off the split ends every 3-6 months means that you will decrease the risk of your hair breaking and thinning. More often than not, thinning hair is caused by split ends that spread far up the hair shaft, splitting each strand into 2 or even 3 pieces. When not managed, this can cause immense unevenness, frizz and extremely fragile hair.

Use a wide-tooth comb

Using a wide-tooth comb is one of the most important things that you can do to help keep your hair healthy and tangle-free. Using a brush not only pulls your hair out of the scalp but can cause hair to split and break at uneven places on the strand. Moving to a wide-tooth comb will help you to ensure that your hair is safe from breakage since you will be treating it a lot more gently than before. This also helps when you need to section the hair before conditioning and comes in handy to remove knots - especially on the lower ends of the hair.

Keep your hair loose

Even though it might be tempting to keep your greying hair away from your face, constantly pulling your hair up into a pony, tight plait or bun can cause unnecessary strain on the hair and leave unwanted kinks which can not only cause weak spots on the hair but can cause the hair to break at any random time. This is especially important for type 1 and 4 hair since these hair types are more fragile and brittle than type 3 and 4 hair.

Keep your hair loose as often as you can to help keep it fall in its natural way. And, if you need extra motivation, then apply a light mist of the Boity Luxurious Hair Perfume. This product is a luxuriously formulated and light nourishing mist infused with argan oil that delicately and beautifully scents your hair with a signature Pink Sapphire fragrance. Delicate sugar and jasmine notes play against notes of wild marigold, French lavender, and tangerine for added freshness and clarity. We love that since it is a light spray, it doesn't cause any product build-up or grease.