Is your hairbrush the cause for your thinning hair?

Is your hairbrush the cause for your thinning hair?

Do you find your hair is thinning or falling out more often than usual and you’re not sure why? Your hairbrush could be to blame! While this tool is something, we use every day for years on end, there are a few important things you need to know about your hairbrush and how to properly use it to ensure that it works for you! Read more below to find out our tips and tricks for strong, shiny and healthy hair.

Because hair thinning and falling out could be caused by a myriad of problems such as trauma, hormones, nutrition and medication, it is super important to first rule out any issue before tacking hair loss. Once you got the all-clear sign from your doctor that none of the above underlying issues is the cause of your hair loss, can you begin to take a look at the products and tools you use on your hair, specifically your hairbrush. However, this is also twofold as if you feel like your body is healthy and that you have no other issues, then it could be worth your while (and a lot cheaper) to invest in a proper hairbrush and see if it makes any difference. There really is no point in stressing over your bodies, health and thinking about why your hair is falling out if you are using a brush that rips out 15-20 strands of hair every time you brush.

In the same way that we buy tons of different brushes for our makeup, we should have a few different brushes for our hair as well. Even though most of us grew up using one brush and sharing it with the family, there is thankfully a lot more research around about hairbrushes and the effect they have on our hair. Choosing the correct hairbrush to use depending on the season or the look you are going for can make a huge difference in the texture and look of your hair.

While it does seem like an unnecessary task to go out and find the correct hairbrush, it makes sense since this is the one beauty tool that we use the most - sometimes, even just because it is force of habit! By investing some time in finding the correct hairbrush for your natural hair type and texture, you will not only drastically reduce the amount of breakage on your hair, but will be left with beautifully soft, shiny and healthy locks!

Look after your hair from the outside in

Thinking about what you put in your body is just as important as thinking about what you put on it - more specifically, what you put on your hair. If you constantly colour, relax and use other harsh chemicals on your hair, then chances are that it most likely isn't your hairbrush - especially if you haven't been having issues with it before. Using too many products on your hair can cause it to get fragile, brittle and cause an increase in split ends which become even weaker when you brush your hair.

Similarly, look after what you put inside your body as well. Ensure that you are drinking enough water and taking collagen supplements for strong, shiny and healthy hair. It’s also worth making sure that you are eating enough iron and protein rich foods and supplements and perhaps even using a keratin rich product on your hair to keep it strong and shiny.

Pro Tip: Consider the handle!

This might seem super insignificant, but play around with a few different brushes before you buy and see how they feel in your hand. Grip the brush as you usually would hold your hairbrush and see if it is too light or too heavy. Also ensure that it feels comfortable in your hand and that you don't have any discomfort at your fingers, wrist and palms. This is particularly important for getting a hairbrush that is too light or too heavy could mean that you will be applying too much or too little pressure to your scalp. If the brush is quite lightweight and feels out of balance in your hand, then look for something slightly sturdier. This will ensure that you use the correct pressure on your scalp and that you don't force the brush onto your hair, causing tangles and even causing strands to be ripped out.

Use a detangling brush

If you have hair that is prone to tangles, then investing in a specialist detangling brush would be a great step to take for your hair’s health. There are many kinds of tangling brushes out there, but we recommend getting one that can be used on wet hair as well since it won’t rip out the hair and will make applying conditioner and leave-in products a lot easier. This also ensures that there is less traction and friction on your hair, no matter the season!

Pro tip: Stop brushing your hair when it’s wet!

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we make (we are all guilty of this!) is to brush out hair when it is wet. While this is no problem if you are using a brush designed for wet hair, it does cause a myriad of issues if you are using your normal brush on your hair in its natural state. Not only can you be left with increases frizz, but wet hair also breaks a lot easily than dry hair, which means that you could be left with random strands of different lengths all over your head.

Get a thermal styling brush

If you style your hair often and create waves and curls using heat styling tools, then a great invest for, you will be a professionally made thermal styling brush. We love these kinds of brushes since they are made to withstand heat and can help you achieve that salon blowout we all know and love in the comfort of your own home. It also helps to create loose beach waves and enables you to add volume to the hair without causing much damage.

Boar bristle brush

One of our absolute favorites, the boar bristle brush helps to bring out the hair’s natural texture, whether it be straight, curly, wavy or natural. This brush also works great on all hair types as it helps to distribute the hairs natural oils evenly through the hair without snagging, pulling and breaking the strands.  Use this brush in the morning to add some shine to your hair and keep the hair tangle free!

Mixed bristle brush

These kinds of brushes are made up of a mix of natural fibers and synthetic hairs for the perfect balance of detangling and keeping the hair shiny. This is a great brush to use any time of the day since you will just need a few brushes to get rid of tangles.

The round brush

For medium-thick hair like type 3 hair, then the round brush would be your best bet. This synthetic haired brush helps to tame frizz and is your best friend when it comes to blow-drying your hair. It adds a great amount of bounce and volume and is super easy to use. Use a larger round brush for long hair and a thinner round brush for shorter hair.

Teasing brush

If you want to add some volume to your hair, then the teasing brush is a great place to start. While it is not the most important brush out there, it definitely comes in handy when you need to create lift at your roots and gives an amazing texture when you are creating updo’s. While it is nice to have this brush, remember that it is not safe for everyday use as it can cause damage to the hair.

The wide-tooth comb

The wide-tooth comb is the must-have comb for every woman (and man!). It is your best and most affordable option when it comes to detangling wet hair and can be used on every single hair type and texture, no matter how damaged the hair is.

There you have it, the best brushes to ensure that your hair is tangle-free, damage-free and always looking and feeling its best!