Majestic Marigold Fragrance

Majestic Marigold Fragrance

The Halo Heritage x Boity Haircare product range includes more than professional haircare products; in order to give you that fully opulent feeling, there’s also the Boity Thulo perfume. This ladies eau de parfum and hair perfume is made up of a variety of floral notes, including jasmine, french lavender and the amazing wild marigold.


What is wild marigold?

Wild marigold flowers were believed to have magical properties were used by the Aztecs for their medicinal benefits. They are said to have the power to cure hiccups and even treat people for shocks from lightning! From their native Spain, the marigold seeds were distributed across the rest of Europe and into Africa, where they were widely used by the indigenous people who lived there.

While it is most commonly known as the calendula flower, wild marigold is usually found in gardens all over the world thanks to its bright, yellow-orange hue and pleasant smell. And they’re not just pretty to look at! Wild marigold can also be used in food and drink, and has many wonderful benefits for the skin and hair, which is why we included it in our women’s perfumes.  


Wild marigold is also an anti-inflammatory and can be used in a huge range of health products. It was reported that around 200 different pharmaceutical formulations contain this brilliant product in their ingredient list.


Helps heal your skin

Because wild marigold or calendula is a powerful antioxidant, it can play a vital role in healing the skin and improving the skin's texture and feel. Antioxidants are essential for both your skin and hair and can help increase growth and cell turnover. Wild marigold boosts the body's collagen which can leave skin supple, help your nails grow strong and increase hair growth.


Add it to your haircare regime!

Keen to add some of the benefits of wild marigold to your hair while smelling amazing? The Boity Luxurious Hair Perfume is a modern fragrance with a poetic balance of floral and mineral notes. The notes in the ladies fragrance include sugar, ambroxan, amber, jasmine, tangerine, wild marigold, French lavender, salt, moss, and cedarwood for maximum sensuality and strength.


Treat dandruff naturally!

Did you know wild marigold is an excellent natural treatment to help reduce dandruff? Because it is so moisturising, wild marigold helps to effortlessly hydrate the scalp and keep dryness and itchiness at bay. As if that isn't enough, wild marigold oil can also help to strengthen the hair against brushing and excessive heat styling!


Heal your scalp

If fighting dandruff wasn't enough, the soothing properties of wild marigold oil can also help to soothe the scalp. It heals, conditions, and moisturises the scalp while promoting healthy hair growth. Wild marigold also helps to strengthen hair follicles, ensuring that new hair growth is strong and healthy. The Boity Thulo Luxurious Hair Perfume can be sprayed onto your brush before styling to hydrate your scalp while scenting your hair with one of the best ladies perfumes around.


What else can it be used for?

When used correctly, this superstar natural product has been shown to also promote the healing of rashes, allergies, eczema, muscle redness, inflammation, eye itchiness, fungal infections, ear infections, ringworm and even athletes’ foot and candida! However, be sure to ask your registered health care provider before using it as a healing product- especially if you are on any other medication.


While in the past, marigold was used to treat skin issues, it is still very much a popular product to use for skin problems today. When added as an ingredient in a perfume, lotion or soothing balm, calendula, or wild marigold, is able to reduce dryness, swelling and redness. It also helps to firm up the skin and speed up healing after damage. Marigold can even be used to heal cuts and bruises, treat diaper rash, burns and makes for an excellent, soothing after shave balm! Who knew!?


Fun facts

Due to its bright hue, the dried marigold flowers were used as an inexpensive colouring agent that was added to foods (mimicking the colour of saffron) and teas. Marigolds are also a very popular Ayurvedic plant and are not only widely grown in India but are praised for their healing properties and used in religious ceremonies such as weddings.


Since the flowers of the marigold are edible, they are often dried and used as decorations in salads, cakes and even cookies. If you have some marigold plants in your garden, consider drying a few flowers and keeping them in your kitchen and bathroom to not only add a wonderful scent for months to come, but to keep pests away while purifying the air!

Don't forget that if you want to add a touch of marigold’s healing properties to your haircare regime, then the Boity Luxurious Hair Perfume is just for you! If you want something a little lighter and fresher, then the Boity Pink Sapphire Eau de Parfum is something that you need! The nourishing hair perfume for women is infused with Argan oil that helps to repair and protect your hair along with delicate scents sugar, jasmine and of course, wild marigold for freshness and clarity.

Visit our shop to view and buy ladies perfume online. Use the Luxurious Hair Perfume to naturally treat and fragrance your hair, and complement it with a touch of the eau de parfum at your wrists and throat for the full experience.