Natural Hairstyles We Love for Winter!

Natural Hairstyles We Love for Winter!

The colder months can be tough on natural hair. These versatile winter hair trends for black hair will keep your crown healthy and strong, and they’re right on trend too!  

This winter, natural hair continues to dominate black hair trends as more women embrace their curls, kinks and coils. Pre-Covid, braids were big but stay-at-home
hair trends for black hair have taken over with protective styles that favour maintenance and recovery – and still make you feel like a queen!

Protective hairstyles work hard to seal in moisture, which is vital to maintaining natural hair in winter. Protective styles help keep natural hair healthy by limiting its exposure to damage caused by the weather, harsh chemicals, or too much styling. Natural curls are prone to breakage, so a great protective style can help your hair retain its moisture and make it grow faster. They can easily be switched up to add length, or you can mix in different colours and textures to change up your look!

Here are our favourite protective hairstyles for home, the office and everything inbetween…


While the bob has always been a popular natural hairstyle that works across all hair textures, the “side bang bob” is effortless and elegant. Curl in some bangs for a cool, edgy twist when you’re meeting the girls for lunch or attending an event.

BOITY THULO: “This look combines sophistication with a fun twist to a classic hairstyle. It’s not too forced and evokes effortless confidence at the same time. Boity Supreme Leave-in Conditioner is my go-to for this look. I spritz the light mist from the roots to the tips of my hair to lock in the look and the moisture.”


If you want to combine a chic new look with a protective hairstyle, long and braided is the way to go this winter.

BOITY THULO: “Long braids and twists are not only highly protective, they add a retro spin to a classic and versatile look – add hair accessories to dress up the style! The Boho-chic look is for those days when I feel creative but still want to keep it natural. If you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp, try the moisture-intensive Boity Illustrious Scalp Spray – it’s one of my favourite haircaire products for black hair! “


Textured styles are on-trend as women become increasingly aware about how to care for black hair. While textured hairstyles aren’t new, natural kinks and curls are making traction as women around the world embrace their natural hair in a more positive and healthy way.

BOITY THULO: “This season, we’re celebrating the natural beauty of our crowns. Textured hair is all about keeping it real – add volume with loose, wavy curls or keep it compact with a low-maintenance bun. From kinks to curls, make the most of your natural haircare regime with nourishing hair treatments for black hair in the Boity Haircare Collection.”


When it comes to winter hair trends for natural hair, Bantu knots are the way to go!
This easy hairstyle for black hair has redefined protective hairstyles as it helps prevent breakage and dehydration caused by cold weather and wind. That's why protective hairstyles like box braids, Senegalese twists, and Fulani braids are so essential! After styling, use Boity Empress Smoothing Edge Control Gel to give your natural hair a sleek, smooth and tapered look.

BOITY THULO: “Constantly changing and styling natural hair can lead to breakage and long-term damage. Use products like Boity Sovereign Repair Serum, which is specially formulated to nourish fragile hair and stimulate hair growth. It’s my go-to for extra protection while locking in moisture for my Type 4 hair.”


It’s important to make sure your natural hair is in healthy condition before doing a protective hairstyle – cut or trim your hair beforehand so it can withstand any tension!

“Once you've chosen your natural hair look, you'll want to be mindful of scalp tension and ensure the foundation isn't too tight,” says Kamara Brown, a crochet-braids specialist. “Otherwise it may lead to traction alopecia, headaches, and scalp soreness. While many of us grew up believing that pain is inevitable when it comes to doing braids, we now know that overt-tightness can cause hair loss.”

To care for your protective hairstyle, wear a silk bonnet or scarf at night. Unlike cotton, silk helps your natural hair retain its moisture and combat frizz. "If you’re not sleeping with a bonnet, don’t expect your natural hairstyle to last for two months,” insists Helena Koudou, founder of Slayed in Braids.

“Styles with extensions, like knotless box braids, can typically last up to two months, while you’ll likely want to take out your cornrows after a week. Wear them any longer, and you risk dehydrating your hair and minimising growth.” 

Koudou also recommends adding a hair oil to your natural haircare regime to prevent dryness. “Apply nourishing oils directly to your scalp and hairline edges, and give yourself a 3-minute scalp massage at least once a week.” We recommend Boity Empress Smoothing Edge Control Gel – you’ll love it!

All the products in the Boity Haircare Collection are 100% eco-friendly! To learn more about hair products to promote growth in black hair, visit

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