Over 76% of black SA women embrace their natural crowns


Over 76% of black SA women embrace their natural crowns


Last year it was Zozi’s short hair. This year it’s Shudu’s bald head. It seems that when it comes to beauty, standards are changing, and going natural is finally getting the attention and recognition it deserves.

Hot off the heels of the launch of its luxurious Boity Haircare range specifically formulated for women with hair types 3 and 4, Halo Heritage conducted a survey among 800 black South Africa women to determine where their natural hair beliefs stem from, who they look to for #hairspiration, and much more. The aim? To take a closer look at the personal hair journeys of black women in South Africa and celebrate natural black hair in all its glory, as well as the heritage and pride that comes with it.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The natural hair movement seems to have reached fever pitch among South African black women with an overwhelming 84% experimenting with their natural hair along with hairstyles like box braids (76%), weaves (60%), cornrows (59%), dreadlocks (27%) and even completely bald (21%).

It also seems that long, straight hair is out as over 76% of the sample preferred natural, afro-style locks over weaves (22.3%). That said, afros along with short hair were the most popular go-to looks for naturalistas, with 56% and 29% choosing these cool, chic and effortless hairstyles respectively.

Confidence boost

There were overwhelmingly positive associations with natural hair among the sample group, with the majority agreeing that wearing their hair naturally feels more authentic (75%) and boosted their self-confidence (61%). There is also an element of affordability (55%) and convenience (20%) as weaves are thought by some to be expensive and time-consuming. For others, it was simply a matter of preference.

That said, while many black women do feel free and confident in wearing their natural hair, sadly, society isn’t always on board. 23% of the sample confessed to experiencing missed opportunities during interviews, in the workplace and at auditions based on their hair. Discrimination at work, at school or in society were also flagged as issues black women face daily.

Natural hair journeys begin at home

When it came to personal hair journeys, respondents said taking care of natural hair is a personal skill, with a majority being self-taught (48%) while also learning tricks and tips to natural hair care from their moms (45%) and grandmothers (12%). Unsurprisingly, social media and online tutorials and guides play a major part in influencing and inspiring natural hair journeys.

Whichever way their personal hair journey started, they all agreed that they are influenced and inspired throughout their lives. According to respondents, their memories were all about feeling beautiful and special and learning to love and appreciate their ‘crown’.

Natural hair goals

It comes as no surprise that celebrities also hold a strong influence over South African women, with local celebs like Boity Thulo and Zozobini Tunzi noted for being natural hair goals.

To help give her fellow queens the confidence to slay all day, Boity has joined forces with Halo Heritage to create a luxurious range of hair care products designed to give hair the royal treatment. The exclusive range includes six hair products perfectly and consciously formulated with natural black hair, and the environment, in mind as they are all paraben, sulphate and cruelty-free, making it good for your hair and the planet as well. The proudly South African range is also 100% locally produced and packaged.

Says Boity, “Now more than ever, black African women have started embracing their natural hair but the journey to hair love can be long and hard for many of us. This range keeps hair protected, nourished and looking in top form every day, helping African queens fall in love with their natural hair.”

Hair mistakes happen

Dandruff (64%) and dry hair (58%) appear to be the biggest hair care woes faced by black women, followed closely by struggles with hair growth, brittle hair and hair loss. While many agree that hair mistakes do happen, 52% cited using the wrong products as their biggest hair regret. When honing in on the best ingredients for natural hair, coconut oil and shea butter are among those that reign supreme among naturalistas.

No surprise then that the Boity Haircare range is packed with nourishing ingredients to protect, repair and moisturise natural hair, including Black Seed Oil (for hair growth), Coconut Oil (for nourishment, shine and dandruff), Jojoba Oil (for moisture and acts as a dandruff remedy), Shea Butter (anti-inflammatory properties) and Argan oils (for nourishment, shine and hydration), among others.

Boity continues, “Your hair is your crown, so you should take care of your hair with products that are packed with goodness. Most importantly, products must be made for your specific hair type and this is something that black women just cannot afford to compromise on. This range of products is exactly that.”

Good hair days

Ultimately, it is encouraging to see that black women are embracing their natural crowns, not only as part of their personal style but as a symbol of their African heritage. While hair is

primarily about beauty, style and confidence, it has become clear that outside of appearance, hair also has a much larger significance in their lives.

“For the contemporary black woman, hair represents the freedom to choose, which is not something the older generation might have had. The fight to wear hair naturally is also a fight for the freedom to be African and to love and accept each other as we are. It is a powerful and timely idea to give women the confidence to be strong and beautiful with their natural hair,” concludes Boity.

The Boity Haircare range is available online at www.haloheritage.com and Superbalist.

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