Sleek and Sexy Short Haircuts for Black Women

If you think short haircuts for black women cannot be sleek, sexy and feminine: think again. Short hairstyles can be as sexy as any other style - just look at Zozibini Tunzi to see exactly what we mean. The model turned reigning Miss Universe instantly became an inspiration to black women everywhere when she won the prestigious crown while rocking her natural crown in all its glory.

Zozibini's decision to not wear a weave or extensions, and instead embrace her natural locks sparked a nationwide natural hair movement that inspired other women to follow suit. She even referred to her natural hair on an Instagram post, mentioning how beautiful her crown looked on her coiled, curly hair, too much applause and admiration from the public.

If you are one of the women inspired by the natural hair movement and looking to embrace your natural locks, whether long or short, the time is ripe to start this exciting and life-changing journey. Not only will you enjoy the confidence of rocking your natural hair, but you may even inspire other black women to do the same.

Embracing Short Natural Hairstyles

There are lots of benefits to rocking a shorter haircut. Not only is it a fresh and cool new look, but short hair is typically more manageable and requires less time for washing, drying and styling. It can also help restore your hair to its former glory as you're getting rid of damaged hair strands and any dreaded split ends. Years of treatments, harsh chemicals, heat styling, braids, extensions and weaves can damage your natural locks. So, going for the big snip can contribute to getting rid of some of the wear and tear and ease you into a hair care routine that works for your lifestyle.

It is also a great option to help frame your face better, allowing your natural beauty to shine. But ultimately, short hair is versatile and can actually be styled in a multitude of fun looks and sassy hairdos. Let’s look at some reasons why short hair rules.

Stronger ends - New hair growth means stronger hair as your new hair has not been exposed to the elements, any heat or chemical manipulation or the general wear and tear that comes with ageing. This means that shorter hair is stronger. That said, it is essential to look after the health of your scalp to get soft, shiny and highly moisturised hair that is not prone to breakage.

The Boity Haircare range by Halo Heritage is packed with ingredients that are gentle but effective in maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. With ingredients like black seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and tea tree oil, to name a few, these products work towards stimulating hair growth, reducing scalp inflammation, flakiness and sensitivity, and promote an overall healthy scalp.

Can withstand more manipulation - Shorter hair means less damage from manipulation, giving you a bit more leeway when it comes to styling your hair. As such, options like dyeing your hair are great for shorter hairstyles as your hair is new and you can simply chop it off once you notice any damage to the longer strands, or get bored of the look.

Added moisture - If you are a shorty, your hair can soak up all the moisture it can handle without the need to wear protective styles like you would if you had long hair. With shorter hair, you won’t have to deal with as much tangling, while air-drying is a dream.

No need for protective styles - As we mentioned, you can say ‘so long’ to protective styles if you have shorter hair. A protective style aims to protect your hair from the harsh elements. With a short cut, no matter your hair type texture, you have more freedom to wear your hair naturally without worrying about damage.

Saves time - Time is always on your side when you’re rocking a short hairstyle. If your hair is short enough, the wash and go look is quick, easy and fuss-free. If your hair is slightly longer, you will still spend less time on cleansing and styling, which is always a plus.

Easier detangling - Shorter hair does not tangle as much as its longer counterparts. As such, you will avoid the long and arduous detangling process, which can also be painful at the worst of times. Since longer strands are more susceptible to feathering, you can bid tangling, knotting and even split ends adieu.

Hair products that work for your hair - Short hair means more manageable hair. Using the right products means your fresh and new hair will get all of the benefits of nourishing ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter and black seed oil, among others. Using a haircare range designed for natural black hair, like the Boity Range by Halo Heritage, will ensure that your shorter hair is as healthy as possible.

Choosing Styles to Suit Your Face

While there are plenty of short haircuts available to black women, you must know how to choose a hairstyle to suit your face. Not only will the right hairstyle for your face shape be more flattering, but it will also help highlight your favourite features. Here is a brief rundown on the most common face shapes:

Heart-shaped face - A good idea would be to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes and cheekbones with some bangs or add volume on the side.

Long face - Shorter hair works well on longer faces as it helps soften the length. Add some bangs for the full effect.

Oval face - Lucky you! If you have an oval face, you can probably rock any short haircut. Take advantage of a range of fun hairstyles, but do consider your hair texture for best results.

Round face - While shorter hair may be discouraged on round faces, you could opt for haircuts that end below the chin or short styles that add more volume on top to elongate the face.

Square face - Play down a strong jaw with some natural, shorter curls around the face.

Sleek, Sexy and Short Haircuts for Black Women

Whether your hair is curly or coily there are plenty of options for short haircuts for black women. From pretty cuts and bouncy bobs to ultra-short cropped ‘dos, short hair is as fun and versatile as it gets. Here are some of the best short hairstyles that will leave a lasting impression.

Short twists

If you’re already rocking a shorter ‘do and need a fresh take on an old classic, try twisting your hair into short points and take your look from average to amazing.

Short afro

Growing out your natural curls or coils into a mini afro can be a little daunting if you’re used to a more conservative look, but this style is so fun and on-trend, that we encourage you to go out and rock it. A shorter afro will also do wonders for adding volume to your hair.

Side-shaved Short Cut

A  cut with attitude, try this cool and funky look if you love short, edgy styles that will really turn heads. Although there are many ways to wear this cut, try a forward style with smooth bangs for a really great look.

Curly Cut

Sticking with the cut, this is a more classic style that can take your hairdo from day to night. The curly  will add some volume to your hair while still being as feminine and stylish as possible. The result is a look that’s neat and well-maintained but oozes some serious sophistication.

Spiky curls

Take a page out of Halle Berry’s book and rock short, spiky curls for an ultra-glamorous look that’s red-carpet ready. This is perfect for black women wanting to show off their wild side a bit while still being uber stylish and sexy. Grow your hair slightly longer on top for maximum impact.

Ringlet afro

Your beautiful, bouncy coils deserve all the attention they can get, and there is no better way to show them off with a funky and fresh ringlet afro. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle with added volume and texture, or just looking to express your cool and glamorous style, this haircut is always a win.

Short undercut

Take your short cut to the next level with an undercut for a fashionable but edgy look that is designed to impress. Channel your inner Rihanna and embrace this sassy and chic look like it’s nobody’s business.


Try showing off your natural curls or coils with this popular and daring look. Shave the sides of your head and keep the length of the rest of your hair for an incredible Mohawk that demands attention.

Chic bob

A glamorous and versatile bob is always a great option for rocking shorter hairstyles that’s not too bold. This also gives you extra length to play with - think soft curls, tight ringlets or a super cool slicked-back look.

Sleek and stylish

Considering a sleeker and stylish look? Draw inspiration from Jennifer Hudson a few years ago and rock a hairstyle that’s as bold and stylish as the singer herself.

Blonde and bold

As we already mentioned, having a shorter hairstyle means you have some freedom to play with colour. Go for a glorious, sun kissed copper or blonde look, or take a drastic and dramatic turn with any other colour of the rainbow. And, once you’re over the look, a simple chop will do the trick.

Overgrown bob

An asymmetrical bob is a stylish and sleek option for longer length hair. You can wear it pin-straight or add some curl. Or simply rock your natural locks and enjoy all the bounce and volume that comes with it. Make sure to use products designed to treat and protect black hair, like the excellent Halo Heritage haircare range, for the perfect look.

Top Tips for Short Haircuts

Now that you’ve gotten some much-needed inspo for rocking a shorter haircut, let’s look at some tips to keep your short haircut healthy, shiny and gorgeous.

Wash your hair once a week - Clean hair is important. It’s recommended that you wash it at least once a week. Black hair texture is typically drier than other types of hair, so make sure to add the necessary moisture and avoid products with harsh chemicals. Try the Boity Royal Cleanse Moisturising and Softening Shampoo - a paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free option designed to strengthen hair while moisturising, control frizz, protect against styling damage, balance moisture in hair and help keep your hair healthy, soft, hydrated and shiny.

Avoid rough handling - When washing and styling your hair, always use a gentle hand. Avoid rubbing your hair too hard or fast as this can lead to frizzing and even breakage. Instead, gently dry your hair with a towel (or heat if that’s your thing) before styling for the best look.

Use a deep conditioning treatment - Just because your hair is shorter, does not mean it doesn’t need some TLC. The Boity Leave-In Conditioner is a great option for keeping hair moisturised, protecting against styling damage, which results in less breakage and hair loss, and keeping hair healthy, hydrated, and feeling soft.

Which short haircut for black women is your favourite? Rocking a shorter hairstyle is fashionable and oh-so-hot right now. A hairstyle is an extension of who you are, so show off your crowning glory to the world with pride and confidence.

The Boity Haircare range offers a selection of products perfected to help restore and protect the health of your black hair. All of the products are packed with natural ingredients that pack a mean punch in the gentlest way possible - just what you need to repair damaged hair and restore the vitality of your natural hair type.