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The Boity Haircare range by Halo Heritage is dedicated to providing the best, high-quality haircare solutions for Type 3 and 4 hair, with special emphasis on wavy, coiled, kinky, and mixed textured hair types. Our amazing natural hair therapies help you manage, maintain, revitalise and style with ease, while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. 

We pride ourselves that our products are paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, eco-friendly and proudly South African.

Our focus is on creating a world class range, which is a system of haircare products that works together and are solution driven to achieve the very best results. Our products are infused with Black Seed Oil to promote natural hair growth, keep natural hair nourished, moisturised, soft and shiny and promote a healthy scalp.

Other key ingredients in our range -
Shea Butter to strengthen hair while moisturising a dry and damaged scalp.  To control frizz, reduce shrinkage and balance moisture in hair.

Argan Oil to keep hair moisturised and protected against styling damage. Less breaking and shedding.

Coconut Oil to promote a healthy scalp.  Moisturise hair and prevent breakage and split ends. Adds lustre and shine to hair.

Jojoba Oil to moisturise the scalp, prevent dandruff and nourish and strengthen hair.  Prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness.

The best way to enjoy Boity’s Haircare range is to create your own healthy haircare routine based on your hair texture type. Whether you have curly, wavy, kinky or coily hair, we have created a targeted range of specially formulated products designed to nourish, tame and beautify your textured tresses.

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