The leading creators of luxurious natural haircare and fine fragrances crafted for the modern African woman. Halo Heritage brings elegance and splendour to clean beauty, with an indulgent range of high-end, earth-friendly products formulated for body and hair. Carefully-nurtured for African curls, coils, and skin types, experience opulent, one-of-a-kind blends created with the highest level of care.


We seek to bring crafted luxury and prestige to the natural hair and celebrity fragrance market with an indulgent range of premium beauty items created for Africans and by Africans. We want to empower young girls and women to feel strong, beautiful and confident with their natural crowns. We want them to wear their hair β€˜halo’ naturally and feel proud and comfortable while doing so. While luxury and black excellence form the ethos of the Halo Heritage brand, eco-conscious beauty is also top of mind. Halo Heritage seeks to redefine clean beauty in South Africa, bringing it into the mainstream in ways never done before. We will partner with South Africa’s most distinguished and aspirational black icons and public figures to craft premium and personalised beauty products that entice, inspire, and empower, all the while doing our part to help the environment.


Brand - We are passionate about consistently delivering excellent service and building meaningful relationships with our customers by providing a point of difference in the quality of their shopping experience.
People - We are all exemplary Brand Ambassadors for Halo Heritage, who recognise the importance of diversity and equality, treat all with dignity and respect and take pleasure in adding value to all interpersonal relationships.
Attitude - We are committed, energetic and passionate about everything we do; we practise a solution-orientated, can-do, best practise attitude; we are eager and willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best results, whilst conducting ourselves in a professional and respectful manner.
Integrity - We act with the best intent to be honest, open, fair, trustworthy, principled & ethical in all our dealings with our colleagues, customers and business partners.
Responsibility - We take ownership, are accountable and responsible for our actions and always pursue best practise in everything we do; we are accepting of criticism and do our best to learn and improve from it.
Discipline - We meet our deadlines, deliver on expectations, adhere to company policies and procedures and aim to achieve and exceed our goals.