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The Boity Haircare Collection by Halo Heritage is dedicated to providing the best haircare solutions for black hair. With a focus on Type 3 and 4 hair, our proudly South African range of hair styling products and therapies are made for wavy, coiled, kinky, and mixed textured hair types. Created with modern African women in mind, our natural haircare products help you manage, maintain, revitalise and style with ease, while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful from root to tip! As a leading eco-friendly beauty brand, all the products in the Boity Haircare Collection are free of toxic parabens and sulfates. All our black haircare products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Solutions-driven haircare products that work together to achieve the best results!

Our haircare range for black women is infused with the finest natural ingredients and nourishing oils to promote natural hair growth and keep black hair moisturised, resulting in radiant, beautiful hair you will love!


Shea Butter: Strengthens black hair while moisturising a dry and damaged scalp.Β It also helps reduce shrinkage and balances moisture in natural hair.

Argan Oil: Adds moisturise to ethnic hair and helps protect against styling damage. This leads to less breaking and shedding, common with black hair.

Coconut Oil: Promotes a healthy scalp, moisturises natural hair, and prevents breakage and split-ends. It also adds lustre and shine to black hair.

Jojoba Oil: Moisturises a tired or itchy scalp, prevents dandruff, and nourishes and strengthens black hair.Β It also promotes hair thickness.

The best way to experience the Boity Haircare range is to create your own healthy haircare routine based on your natural hair type. Whether you have curly or coily hair, our haircare solutions for black hair are specially formulated to deeply nourish and restore natural hair back to life.