All the products in the Boity Haircare Collection are made using the finest natural ingredients. Our system of haircare solutions for ethnic hair are free from toxic chemicals and gluten, and our beauty products are not tested on animals. We take pride in producing high-end beauty products that are not only gentle on your body, but kind to the earth too!

Made in South Africa 

Halo Heritage is a proudly South African e-commerce company that gives South African women the opportunity to indulge in a truly “Made in South Africa” beauty brand. Supporting small businesses where we can, Halo Heritage successfully manufactures its range of beauty and natural haircare products locally. Halo Heritage is passionate about inspiring women, empowering their communities, and promoting South African beauty products to help create jobs, reduce unemployment, and contribute positively to our economy.


Paraben Free

Paraben is a preservative used in products to prolong their shelf life and prevent bacterial or fungal growth. Parabens are known to cause irritation to the skin and, in some cases, may cause rosacea or dermatitis. Sulfate and paraben are chemicals found in many hair and skincare products.


Sulfate Free

Sulfate is a surfactant found in shampoos. Although sulfate is used to remove dirt and excess oil build-up from natural hair, it has a negative side. Sulphate is an ingredient that causes “suds” (extra lather) when washing your natural hair, and it eliminates the barrier between the hair and shampoo. Studies have proven how sulfates have a damaging effect on hair by inhibiting its growth.


Cruelty Free

Cruelty-free means that companies DO NOT test their beauty products on animals. This is often not the case, and innocent animals endure terrible suffering to ensure the ‘safety’ of the products for human consumption. We encourage everyone to support cruelty-free beauty products!

This is not acceptable and we do not support this! We believe that everyone should choose cruelty free products, cosmetics and brands to prevent any animals from being harmed.


Gluten Free

Gluten-free shampoo and hair products can offer tangible benefits to sensitive skin. The skin is a highly absorbent organ and often bears the brunt of the substances we apply to it – be it moisturiser, body butter, Epsom salts or shampoo. All the products in our beauty range for black women do not contain gluten.


Made for Natural Hair 

By definition, natural hair hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. Pressed hair is still considered to be “natural” because, once washed, the hair returns to its unaltered state provided there has been no heat damage.

Natural hair ranges from wavy to coily, with a wide range of textures inbetween. Discover your natural hair type here.


Recyclable Packaging

To be considered “recyclable”, our packaging meets four requirements:

  • Halo Heritage product packaging is made from a plastic type that is accepted by recycling facilities, has market value, and/or is supported by a legally mandated program.
  • Halo Heritage product packaging is sorted and aggregated into defined streams for the recycling process.
  • Halo Heritage product packaging can be reclaimed or recycled through a commercial recycling process.
  • Our recycled plastic will become a raw material that can be used for the production of new products.