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Queen Care Collection Box with Free Empress Smoothing Gel (worth 149.95)

Queen Care Collection Box with Free Empress Smoothing Gel (worth 149.95)

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Every Queen deserves the shiniest, sleekest, smoothest crown to truly allow her to reign supreme.  Carefully curated, this exclusive unique Care Collection to target different haircare concerns. Whether you are looking for a starting point that leads you to sensational locks, a collection to repair and protect an already glam head of hair, or a collection to soothe, nourish, and repair hair that has been damaged over the years by the wear and tear of weaves.

Royal Cleanse Shampoo
Moisturising & Softening Shampoo
300 mL e 10.1 fl.oz

Strengthen and cleanse the hair with the luxurious, sulfate-free Royal Cleanse Moisturising and Softening Shampoo. 

Royal Repair Conditioner
Ultra Intensive Conditioner
300 mL e 10.1 fl.oz

Specifically formulated for fragile, dry and lack-lustre hair, the Royal Repair Ultra Intensive Conditioner is enriched with the healing properties of Black Seed Oil to nourish and repair the hair. 

Supreme Leave-in Conditioner
Condition Shine & Moisture Mist
200 mL e 6.8 fl.oz

Condition, nourish and detangle hair, wigs, or weaves with this versatile product. Formulated especially for curly and coily hair, the luxuriously lightweight Leave-in Supreme Conditioner contains Black Seed Oil to leave dry and brittle hair sleek and glossy.

Illustrious Scalp Spray
Soothe & Relieve Scalp Treatment
100 mL e 3.4 fl.oz

Treat a dry scalp with the luxurious Illustrious Scalp Spray. Its unique formulation is designed to ease discomfort and revive a damaged and itchy scalp. 

Sovereign Repair & Regrowth Serum
Repair Protect & Regrowth Serum
100 mL e 3.4 fl.oz

Infused with the luxurious properties of Black Seed Oil, this serum encourages healing of brittle hair and provides protection against the pressure of styling.  

Regal Glam Bonnet
Relax & Sleep
Size: Adjustable, one size fits all.

Preserve your hairstyle and wake up like looking like royalty with the Regal Glam Bonnet. This comfortable bonnet allows you to sleep peacefully without worrying about damaging or breaking your hair. The Regal Glam Bonnet works perfectly with natural hair, cornrows, and weaves and protects against dryness, frizz, and breakage while significantly minimizing static.

Edge Control Gel
125 mL e 4.3 fl.oz

Infused with a blend of nourishing Black Seed Oil, Edge Control Gel infuses hair with deeply moisturising properties to enhance the hair’s overall strength, shine, and lustre.